What colour options are available?

The standard colour is white but can be upgrade to match or suit any clients’ requirements.

Can we install the wardrobes or shelving ourselves?

You can however we have fully qualified installers that have been with our company for over 10 years and know our systems intimately, making the installation of your robes simple, quick and pain free.

How long will it take to install once we place the order?

Average time frames for standard white melamine or silver edge melamine would be with in 1 week, for timergrain laminates, installation may take up to 3 weeks. (Depending on scheduling of other jobs).

What areas do you service?

We service as far South as Lennox Heads, North to the Sunshine Coast and to some Western areas.

Do you install shelving in linen closets and pantries?

Yes, we can supply and install shelving solutions for any room of your home.

What are your drawers made of?

We use a metal sided drawer with a 16mm melamine back and base. Drawer fronts are made to match the rest of the materials used in your robe.

How can I make my room look larger?

There are different systems we can use to emphasize the spaces within your room.  By designing your robe or storage space in a practical manner, it will appear larger as it accommodates more in terms of hanging and storage.

How do I maximize the use of space in my wardrobe?

The simple answer is to add in more storage solutions to utilize all space within your robes, such as increasing the amount of double hanging you currently have or to have shelving that goes higher to make use of the ceiling height.

Is your system modular?

Our standard system is not modular. Every robe or storage area is manufactured to suit/fit the clients’ requirements and is attached directly to the clients’ walls using patented channel and brackets componentry. We can however make the system using modular units if this is what the client requires.

What makes you different to other companies?

We set ourselves apart from our competitors in many ways including our product, customer service, workmanship and warranty.

What is the standard depth and height of your shelving?

The standard depth of our systems range from 300mm- 450mm deep, the height can be altered to suit the requirements of the robe, usually for our standard system the height is between 2040mm and 2100mm high.

How much space should you allow for the hanging of your clothes?

The best way to estimate this is to have a look at what clothes you have now and how much hanging you may need to make sure you allow for these clothes and clothes that are purchased in the future.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly 07 5502 2444.

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