Boutique Robes

For that modern, upmarket and unique look that provides a statement, a Boutique Bespoke wardrobe is the perfect choice. Choose from a striking range of different timbergrain and colored finishes along with the perfect accessories to match your décor and needs. Make that “Sex and the City” impression and leave everyone that sees your wardrobe envious!

Boutique Wardrobe Design

We provide an exclusive consultation process for high end designer wardrobes including detailed plans, are available for concept development, colour consultation and advice and provide the highest in quality finishes.


European ‘FEG’ Wardrobe System

For those who want the ultimate in wardrobe indulgence, the European ‘FEG’ wardrobe system is sure to please.

Offering unlimited flexibility, this system offers an ‘open structure’ that will suit any wardrobe composition. A complete solution that combines hanging drawer units, hanging rods and clothing accessories, combining impeccable elegance whilst offering complete freedom in the organisation of your wardrobe.

Boutique and Signature Robes

FEG European Wardrobe Systems

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