Wardrobe and Storage Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an ideal solution to cover your wardrobe or storage space when you don’t have much space in a room. Sliding doors can also create the illusion of space and make a room appear larger through the use of mirrored glass, or match your home’s décor through colour, or make a stunning design statement with printed glass using your favourite photo.

Polytec Surano Sliding Doors

Polytec has just released an exciting new sliding door option available in a range of colours featuring a shaker style 130mm rail.  Call us for more information or click here.


Just Wardrobes & Storage Standard Sliding Door Finishes

Sliding doors are available in the following finishes:

  • Gyprock – supplied as raw gyprock which can be painted to match any colour you like
  • Vinyl – vinyl coated gyprock to match the colours of the sliding door frames and tracks, available in standard colours
  • Mirror – create the illusion of space and add light to your room
  • Translucent glass – with a slight green tint
  • White glass – with a brilliant super white colour
  • Painted glass – using any colour to match your décor
  • Printed glass – a bold statement, use your favourite image printed life size in full colour

Sliding Door Frames

  • Choose from a framed or semi frameless design.
  • Frames are available in white, brushed aluminium or polished aluminium

Track Choices

Choose from double or triple tracks dependent upon your door configurations and the required access to your wardrobe space.

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